What’s happening

Upcoming events for the Biggar Air Cadets:

Friday October 31st-Sunday November 2nd: Camp Saskadet Spookarama optional training at Round Lake. Leaving from Mark Edwards Hall at 1:30 pm on Halloween, returning Sunday at approximately 4pm.

Tuesday, November 4th: optional Biathlon/Run and Shoot training.

Wednesday, November 5th: CO’s parade — full dress and spiffy!

Wednesday, November 5th: Parent’s Committee meeting, 7pm in the Library at St. Gabriel’s school.

Saturday, November 8th: Biathlon

Tuesday, November 11th: Remembrance Day services (parade the colours, lay wreaths, followed by lunch at the Legion Hall.) Afternoon: 3pm Walking in Their Footsteps presentation at Majestic Theatre.

Wednesday, November 12th: Parent’s Night at cadets. ALSO: turn in your Cookie Crumbles sales!

November 14th-16th: Music Concentration Camp in Saskatoon.

November 22nd: Aerospace Day

November 28th: Fundraiser Gala — all parents and cadets are needed to make this event run smoothly! Thanks!

November 29th-30th: Sports camp in Macklin